Pre-Natal Yoga with Lisa

Pre-Natal Yoga with Lisa


Join Lisa for a longer, quite strong, but mindful vinyasa class designed for doing while pregnant. Honestly tho, it can also be a nice practice for postpartum or if you’re on a journey trying to conceive too.

Be mindful with yourself, remember to breathe and take rest appropriately and if it doesn’t feel good, it probably isn’t great to push.

We promise you a nice long practice for yourself and connection with baby and breath at the same time.

postnatal, prenatal
health, knowledge, postures
Body part
hips, lower back, spine
bolster, yoga mat
being: knowledge, body: balance, mind: body connection
1 hrs 6 mins


Before using the service, consider your state of health and adapt the intensity of the exercise to your abilities. In case of any health limitations, consult a doctor.
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