Teen yoga

4 classes

In the package of teen yoga for joy and calm you will find 4 lessons:

  • yoga to energize and boost self-confidence
  • yoga for healthy and pain-free backs
  • yoga for calming stress and anxiety
  • yoga to stretch and relax the whole body

You will need a yoga mat or a carpet, a bit of space in your room and comfortable clothes.

The yoga lessons are suitable for both teens and adults. Perhaps you can practice together at home.

As you practice, listen to your body. All yoga postures are inspirational and I invite you to adjust them according to your momentary mood or needs of the body.

We shot the yoga videos at a beautiful place, in Chateau Mcely in Czech republic, where you are also invited to come for yoga and relaxation.

The music accompanying the yoga lessons was composed by a great musician, singer and dancer Dashi Stardust. May it enhance your whole experience.

I hope that the yoga practice I’m offering will make you feel well in body and mind and that you will enjoy it.


Serie classes

Healthy and painfree backs
11 mins

In this lesson, together with Anna and Julia, you will stretch and strengthen the muscles of the back. For the optimal functioning of the back and the whole body, you will also strengthen the muscles of the core. The asanas used in this lesson will help you with the optimal body posture, compensate for slouching in front of the computer and release tension from the neck and the back.

Energize and boost self-confidence
11 mins

In this lesson Anna and Julia will take you through a sun salutation sequence and a practice of yoga warriors, which can help you warm up, strengthen and energize the whole body. Yoga positions also influence our mood and in this lesson we chose positions that help develop not only the strength in the body, but also the self-confidence and courage for the challenges of the day.

Calming stress and anxiety
14 mins

In this lesson Anna and Julia will show you simple asanas and a breathing technique that help calming stress, anxiety and panic attacks. You can use these exercises for a quick calming down whenever you need. I recommend practicing them regularly as a form of gym for the nervous system and that way supporting a longer lasting peace.

Stretch and relax the whole body
12 mins

In this lesson Anna and Julia will take you through a few asanas stretching and relaxing the whole body. Sometimes the body holds tension when we are stressed, or our body aches after long periods of sitting or after an athletic activity. Regular stretching and relaxing of the body has benefits not only for the muscles, but also for the mind and our overall mood.

mindfulness, movement, office yoga, pranayama, restorative, therapeutic
breathing, flexibility, meditation, mobility, relaxation
Body part
back, brain, full body, lower back, nervous system, upper back
technique: massage
50 mins


Before using the service, consider your state of health and adapt the intensity of the exercise to your abilities. In case of any health limitations, consult a doctor.
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