Rocket Yoga Lovers

Rocket Yoga Lovers

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Do you love the Rocket practice? Looking to level up and get stronger? This series with Lisa and David will help you get back into that regular groove and help you feel stronger. It's a perfect daily blast-off for your body, mind, and soul! Take one class a day for a week to really kick-start your Rocket practice or go slower at your own pace.


Lekce kurzu

Rocket Blast-Off with Lisa
35 min.

Enjoy this fast-paced Bottle Rocket class with Lisa -"stick with us, fly with us, do your best"

Rocket I with Lisa
1 h. 2 min.

Here is your classic Rocket Yoga class with Lisa, because you can never get enough of rocket, right?

Rocket II: Arm Balances, Backbends and Handstands with David
58 min.

The Yogasana practice needs lots of stability, strength, flexibility, and mobility. In this Rocket II practice, we will connect the back muscles, shoulders, and core system to find that health in our upper body.

Fast & Fun Bottle Rocket with Lisa
32 min.

Prepare for a quick, fun & fast bottle rocket to get your heart rate going and your sweat flowing.

Rocket I: Leg Variations with David
59 min.

Rocket I works on forward folds and legs strength.

Forearm Stand (Pincha Mayurasana) tutorial with Selen
20 min.

Pincha Mayurasana can be a love or hate position. Let Selen help you to turn it into a big love :) In this class we break down the asana, offering different modifications, and tips that will lead you to Forearm Stand. Grab your yoga blocks, or anything you can use to place under your foot, and let’s meet on the mat!

středně pokročilý
meditace, poporodní, předporodní, vinyasa
dýchání, flexibilita, koncentrace, relaxace
Část těla
celé tělo, nohy, ramena, ruce
tělo: předklon, správné držení, zahřátí organismu, zdravá chodidla
Doba trvání
4 h. 11 min.
28. 12. 2022


Před použitím služby zvažte svůj zdravotní stav a přizpůsobte náročnost cvičení svým schopnostem. V případě jakýchkoliv zdravotních omezení konzultujte s lékařem.
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