Flow & Nidra with Annie L1/2

Flow & Nidra with Annie L1/2


After a big day when you feel you need to use your muscles, open up those closed joints, but at the same time you don`t want to get too pumped up by your practice - then this class is definitely what you need.

The perfect combination of movement and meditation. Annie shares with you a 35-40 minute flow rounded up with a calming 10 minute Yoga Nidra guided meditation. Enjoy!

meditation, mindfulness, vinyasa, yoga
breathing, meditation, relaxation
Body part
nervous system, spine
yoga mat
being: self awareness, body: relaxation, stretching
51 mins


Before using the service, consider your state of health and adapt the intensity of the exercise to your abilities. In case of any health limitations, consult a doctor.
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Asana Etc was created to make yoga and mindfulness accessible to all, no matter where you are in the world. With so much of our lives online, why not share the passion and love of our beautiful Prague Yoga Collective Community with the world? We believe that yoga is open to all who are willing to try & that the mat only requires you to show up and be yourself. With every step we take, we are building this global community with great care and intentionality — together.
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