I'm not flexible enough for yoga!

I'm not flexible enough for yoga!

6 classes

"""I would do yoga, but I`m not flexible enough"" This is exactly why you should do it! :) In this series we collected lessons for you which are focused on creating more space in your body"


Serie classes

Open Your Hips with Lisa
51 mins

Sweaty but sweet hip-opening vinyasa class! We'll move in and out of postures to open the hips in all directions. Working on our Hanumanasana as well as staying with our breath both in movement and in stillness.

Full Splits Flow with Klaudia
35 mins

A delicious flow full of twists and hip openers that will help you ease into the peak pose - full split.

Hips & Hamstrings in Spotlight with Tanya
36 mins

In this hip-opening practice, you can allow yourself to deepen your flexibility and range of motion in your hips and hamstrings without compromising the essential breath to guide and anchor you through your practice.

Chest-Opening Flow with Klaudia
54 mins

Articulate your spine, invite space to your thorax! Flow with your breath, play with your balance, open your chest and enjoy that rewarding, warm feeling in the heart-space during and after the practice as well.

Breath & Backbends with Alex
24 mins

Join Alex for a low intensity flow focused on twists, backbends, and syncing breath with movement.

Backbends step by step with Betti
50 mins

Roll up and down, bend forward and back, rotate your body from side to side - during this beginner level vinyasa flow you will articulate your spine in all directions and also learn safe and proper alignment for fundamental asanas such as cobra, upward facing dog, and Bridge pose.

ashtanga, hatha, iyengar, jivamukti, vinyasa
breathing, concentration, flexibility, health, strengthening
Body part
hamstrings, hips, psoas, quadriceps, spine
body: core strengthening, firming, flexibility, warming, technique: handstand
4 hrs 14 mins


Before using the service, consider your state of health and adapt the intensity of the exercise to your abilities. In case of any health limitations, consult a doctor.
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