Intro to Pre-Natal Yoga

Intro to Pre-Natal Yoga

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Wondering how to adjust your regular practice while pregnant? Then this short bundle is definitely for you. Lisa will carefully walk you through the do's and dont's of adjusting your practice to your growing belly, as well as lead you through a safe, strong, and calming Pre-Natal yoga practice.


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Intro to Pre-Natal Yoga with Lisa
4 min.

Let's talk a little about prenatal yoga before we get into the other videos and how it can be beneficial in your journey.

Pre-Natal Yoga with Lisa
1 h. 6 min.

Join Lisa for a longer, quite strong, but mindful vinyasa class designed for doing while pregnant. Honestly tho, it can also be a nice practice for postpartum or if you’re on a journey trying to conceive too.

A few Gentle Pre/Post Natal Yoga Poses with Lisa
10 min.

In this video Lisa will show you a few gentle Pre Natal yoga poses you can do on your own, all together or each one on its own when you need it during your pregnancy.

hatha, pro děti, vinyasa
flexibilita, relaxace
Část těla
boky, dolní části zad, páteř
tělo: aktivace organismu, pohyb, pružnost páteře
Doba trvání
1 h. 23 min.
28. 12. 2022


Před použitím služby zvažte svůj zdravotní stav a přizpůsobte náročnost cvičení svým schopnostem. V případě jakýchkoliv zdravotních omezení konzultujte s lékařem.
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